Monday, November 15, 2010

A slow week

Charms!!! Yes another new thing! These are really fun to make and as you can see I do not like to make any of the same ones. You can use your old broken jewelery to make them so it gives it a second go around. I will be adding some of these to my layouts if I ever get back into creating one.!!

This is what I got to do today. Just me and my horse out on the trail. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Just the sound of his hooves, out in nature. Who could ask for anymore than that.
This is a beautiful Mtn. in our area called Tabletop. It is completely flat on top. When it rains some of the most awesome waterfalls come off this Mtn. People also rock climb right where you see the little ridge.
Well this is the turn around today. He hasn't been out for awhile so I want to condition him slowly. Plus it is always faster on the way home.

                                        Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.                                             

Monday, November 1, 2010

Been Busy!!!

 A layout of my daughter. This is her senior picture and I tried to capture things she like so when she looks at it in 30 years she will remember what she liked then!! Can not believe she is going to graduate. As usual like for everyone the time flew by. I did add one of my featherrflies to this in the top right hand corner. Have sold a couple of them. Whoo Hoo!!!

These flowers...funny how I came across these!! I was going to throw out  a bag of potpourri and started looking at it and these pieces looked like flower petals so I got out the glue gun and away I went. They are pretty tough and I decided to add them to the layout above. If anything you could use these in self defense!! Different.

Now I am on a cotton picking stick pin obsession!! I love what they add to a layout or a card, so I made a bunch and added them to my etsy shop also.  But the avenues in this hobby are endless and I just love all the new stuff that comes out. I do like to make a lot of my own stuff though. Well that is is for the week. Sure hope you all have a good one!!

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