Friday, March 18, 2016

Almost a year!

Wow...It has been a long time since I have been on here. I am sure no one visits anymore and like in the beginning I am writing for my own benefit. Haven't had much time for anything lately. I have advanced in my job and I am in a good place and sorta proud of myself for achieving this. Although it takes a lot of my scrappy time up. My craft room has been under construction for 2 years now as we have been remodeling our house. Instead of whining about that I focus on the end result...The craft room and patio are what I am chomping at the bit for!!! They are in reach now!!!
So nothing really new in the store....I have lots of ideas for new items and I am getting close to that goal. Just need the space to work in. I am just going to put some new flowers I am carrying. They are mini lilies and they are so cute. You can find the link to my store ride in the side bar. Just click on the beautiful paint horse.

Well I must be running.....goodbye

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MAY All ready!!

Wow time does really fly by. I think especially after the forties!!! It seems like forever since I have posted here. I am taking on a little venture with my daughter.....we are going to make hair clips and bands together and the proceeds will help her college fund. So I wanted to share some of our first clips. These flowers are just gorgeous!!!
Beautiful lavender color.....
Baby Pink.....
So hop on over to my ETSY store and have a look around. You can find the link to the right hand side of this post.
As always have yourself a wonderful day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Some new items in my store!!

Well hello to anyone that reads this!!! It's like when I first started blogging no one read but hey that's ok. It took awhile and a lot of time to get reader's. I found some pretty lace and some bling to add. Just added them today. Thought I would drop off some pictures..... this is a beautiful and dainty lace.
I LOVE, LOVE, these colors...............................and now for the bling!!!

So I have more on the way....more colors of coarse.
Work has been busy so hardly anytime for blogging....I hope you all have a great week....

Friday, February 6, 2015

February all ready!!!

Boy oh boy time is sure flying by. This year all ready proves to be going faster that last year. I am currently working on bringing some new and exciting items to the shop. I like unique items so my customers can have variety. Same ole stuff is BORING!!! Work has been busy and I had a very sick horse for awhile but he is very much on the mend, thank the Lord for that. Thank you!!! So I am back into doing some research, (shopping), for new items. Some should be arriving soon. So please check out my etsy store. It is located on the right hand side of my blog or just click HERE. Hope you enjoy! Have a great month!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Items In The Shabby Horse

Well I thought I might get in another post before the New Year is upon us!! I am looking forward to the new year with bringing in even more unique scrapbooking and card making products. I LOVE to shop for them...
My work is going good, busy but good!
So the new products for this last 2 weeks are these adorable multi colored resin flowers. They measure 10mm and there is so much you can do with these. Just let your imagination go!!
The other item is Pip Berries! Go figure. I just love these though. I like to cut them up and peeka boo them behind flower clusters!!! Awesome effect. Here are a few colors...OH and they were in the store for 2 weeks and I have sold out. No worries....I have more on the way!

Plenty of colors to choose from. Should have some more in about 3 weeks! Well I must close for now. I wish everyone the best for the new year.....Hugs..............

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just adding some more items and keeping the blog alive!!

Good morning! Well, I hope everyone is surviving the Christmas shopping. Personally I do not enjoy shopping....don't get me wrong I LOVE getting things for my family and friends, I just don't enjoy the hustle and bustle.  I'm one of those shopper's that knows what I want and if it isn't there, well I don't have a back up plan. So then I have to look....
Anyway I have added some adorable items to my ETSY store.....I do love to shop for scrapbooking items. I like to find unique and different items to spark the imagination. Here are a few I have found lately:

If you are interested you can follow the link to the right and see what else I offer. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas to all........................

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some new items in my shop!

Hello!! WOW it is October all ready. The years just seem to fly by faster the older I get!! I have added some new item to my store. I have had a few inquiries about my burlap flowers and was asked to make some different colors. SO I did!! I didn't have time to make like 10 each but I have some in the makings. I'll share some pics and see what ya all think of them.
Mostly I talk to myself on here. Hehehehehe!!! Like when I first started my blog. Ok some pics....

So there you have it. I must give y daughter in law some credit also...she helps me 1 night a week get caught up on my store. In exchange I am going to get a etsy store going for her....she's going to make hair accessories and also some nail art. Should be exciting!!! I have been eying the naik art things...would look cute on projects!!
Have yourselves a great week.....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A few items from my ETSY shop

Good evening......I wanted to post about my ETSY shop. Since I am working FULL time (to say the least) I don't have a bunch of time to make items but I have fun making the items I have. I do welcome custom items and will specialize in a few items coming very soon. Just some more set up work first. SO with out further a do here is some items from my shop. Stop by and take a peek!!! I add items weekly.
Some of my charms...which by the way make awesome mixed media back ground...

SO there ya have it some beautiful items from The Shabby Horse!!!!