Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gift for neice "Sweet Feet"

Afternoon all!!! Crisp sunny day here in the Sierra foothills.  This is a layout I made for my niece. It is a pic of her sons feet....I actually put a lot of work into this. I hand made the big flowers, I painted, inked and distressed. The chipboard flowers with butterfly attached is from 3tailscraft, it comes plain so I inked and painted then added some stickles.  Did a little fussy cutting and well this is what I came up with!! I am in the process of making her an album for the first year of her sons life. Thought it would be a nice thing to do!!

So that completes my man week....I guess it is good to have those once in awhile..keeps the peace around here!! Well have a good week and talk to ya later!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

This was a man week!!!

Hey..hello, Well this was like a man project week for me! All the projects I did this week were for guys. My hubby and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this week and instead of making him a card I made him this. To me you have to have "raw" stuff to do man projects. Anywhoo he liked it so thats all that matters!! 

Well this is a tag I made for my father-in-law and for a challenge I am in. SO 2 birds with one stone. I never did like that saying!! I completely inked this tag, it was an index card before I got a hold of it. I inked it with the TH inks and then put a glossy coating over that. I love that burlap stuff good for the man things. Well that is it for now...I am working on a layout for my great nephew so another man thing!!! Will be posting that in a couple of days. Well to whomever comes and visits...........thank you!! Sometimes I feel like this is my diary and I am talking to myself but thats ok. So you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Melody!!!

Lookie what Melody's Magical Moments gave me!!! This was awesome. Please visit her blog here.

  Now she said in order to accept I needed to list 8 things about myself.... boy this might take a minute!!

1.  I love being a Mom and now Grandma. 
2. Love, love, love horses.
3. I love to scrap.
4. Love nature and like to be out in it.
5. Love to go to horse expo's and scrapbook expo's.
6. Funny but I love my diesel pick up.  
7. Would rather clean my barn than do house work.
8. Love to spend time with family and friends, especially BBQ's.
Well that about sums me up!!! Not to exciting here, huh???? I'll be back to list some blogs to give this award to also.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Boy paper bag album

Hello...hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

I made a baby boy paper bag album for my etsy shop. The shop has been a little bare for awhile. These albums do take up some time to make!! It was fun and I do enjoy making them. I also will do custom orders.

I do have to thank my friend Deb for the images. Thank you Deb!!! You can find her blog here!! She makes some amazing things!!                                                                       

I do like to make the pockets and then the tags.  Oh my I am at a loss for words....that rarely happens..only when I am trying to think of things to say!!!
The paper I used is K&Company. The itsy Bitsy line. I think it's pretty cute boy paper!!

Boy when you think about it there are a lot of pages in these albums! In making them I do ink everything lightly. Can't seem to ever do a project with out ink. I LOVE ink.....  

So like this the 2nd to the last page...I did make that stroller by quilling. I like to quill also. Takes a little more time but adds something special to the book!! I also criss crossed the pocket on this page. I do like this effect. 

Well this is the last page. I thought this was such cute a cute image!! I think buttons go good with baby boys also. It is hard not to put flowers and bling on so it is a challenge to do a boy album.

 I left the back cover plain. I just thought if you put to much on it it will get rubbed off from placing it down all the time. Just my opinion though!!!

 Well thank you for bearing with me on this. I always appreciate any visits!! Sometimes I think this is just my diary!!!! I get a few visitors!! And dang happy for those.

Have a great rest of the day!!! Take care......

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another tag!!

Well another tag!! I do love to make the tags. This one was made for a vintage/retro challenge over at We were to make 2 tags if we wanted. I need to get the other one made...taking a break to make a few Valentines Day cards. I used paint, lace, pearls, prima flowers and ink on this. I got the image off the internet.

So not to much done over the weekend. To many chores to keep up on. We have a storm coming next week and needed to get ready for that. Thank you so much for visiting. I do appreciate it!! Bye for now....Lisa


Monday, February 7, 2011

First Snow 2006

Hi all!!! This is a layout I did of my dd and our pups. Well they were pups. This was their first trip to the snow and they really enjoyed it. I would of thought different seeing how the are cattle dogs. They are 4 years old now and the herding instinct is really in them. They think they need to herd everything!!! The little blonde one "Liberti" would of made an awesome cattle dog. She gets low to the ground and is fearless and her brother "Flag" is a little lazier but he has it also and is not afraid to nip at heels!!! He is very protected of me and does not like anyone to touch me. They have turned out to be great dogs and we love them very much. Thank you for visiting. Take care till next time!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Tribute to Featherrs!!

Well hello...I finally made a paper bag album for my self. I wanted to have a memory book of a horse I owned for 25 years. She was a great horse and I was lucky to have her in my life.  I found her when she was a yearling and that was that.

The paint horse was her mother and the horse on the tag was Man O' War. A famous race horse of the 1930's. He was her great, great, great, great, great grandsire. Yep pretty far back but oh well. I did trace her all the way back to the Goldphin Arabian.

A picture of my son riding her. She wasn't quite a kid horse but she was very careful around them.

A couple of pics of her. She did love a bath!!

The tags here I used as a memory. Each tag has a different memory of her. I am making my family write
Something they remember about her. This pic she
was just hanging out in the backyard.                                       

The pic above is a trail ride our family went on. We use to do a lot of those and Featherrs would carry my daughter. That is hubby and he is on Heart who we still have. Heart is 26 this year,

Just a pic of her in the snow I do not have a whole lot of pictures of her.
 She was kicking back taking a snooze and the other pics is of her and her son. They were at the neighbors begging for carrots!!! Well that is my little book. I loved that horse!!!!!!


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