Monday, May 14, 2012

"Cute" Swirlyhues Challenge 2 layouts in a week!! That is lucky for me! Here is another of my grand daughter and I made this for the Swirlyhues challenge over at the Swirlydoo's blog. They have some great colors to work with. Plus you pick one tutorial to use and trust me they have tons of them.

Here is some close ups.

The 2 big flower I made out of diaper wipes. I misted and for once didn't ink them. Oh!!! This picture was taken shortly after she gave herself a haircut!!

I used the Sugared letter tutorial. It came out a little light in color. I also cut tiny tiny strips of black paper for the dodad thingys!!

Just another close up. Well that is it for today. I hope you all have a great week!! Beautiful weather here to enjoy...ok out to the garden!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!
Here is a layout I did of my dgd. I LOVE this pic!!! She is getting ready to taste Brutis's ear. Let me tell you the story about this guy!!! He was hit by a car and was injured to where the vet suggested to put him down. My DIL couldn't stand the idea so she had the vet work on him and he made it. He was handicapped after, his hips were shattered. He had a long recovery but he made it. And then came Alli!!!! Brutis absolutely loved my DIL...wherever she was he was there and when Alli was born he was like a big brother to her. He knew this was a little Jodi (DIL). When he saw Alli coming he wouldn't get up and move, he would stay there and welcome her with kisses no matter what she did to him. Even if she climbed over his hips. He would wince but not move a muscle!! Anyway there is so many bad stories out there about Pitbulls that I thought I would share one of the nice ones!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

NSD projects

Well a little past National Scrapbook Day!! There are still some challenges going on because of it. It was hard to stay in the house, the weather was perfect here so I got only a couple done but life does come first sometimes!!
Here is a 8x8 layout I did of my grand daughter. My first time for making an 8x8 and I must admit it was fun and a lot smaller!!! Hmmm I'm thinking easier to store!!
I also made a card for the warm up at
Then I made some atc'e for a challenge over at Swirlydoo's. Haven't made these for awhile and I really do like making these.
Well there is my little contribution!!! So anyways thanks for stopping by my little blog.  Have a wonderful week!!

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