Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just having fun!!!

Hello!! Don't even know if anyone will read....since I started working I haven't had anytime to scrap or be on design I miss it?? Yes I do. But we have been dealt a hand that required me to go back to work. At first I was embarrassed, I took a job as a hotel maid. It pays ok and they hired me full time with benefits, and I have never worked so hard....really. Couldn't pass that up. So I did that for 10 months WITHOUT missing a day or being late. Then a room inspector job came up and I jumped on it. So now when you enter a hotel room and you find something wrong it's my butt!!!! I will never leave a hotel room again without leaving a tip. Those girls work hard and you wouldn't believe what we have to now I just get to pittle with crafting but I still keep my sanity!!!
So I thought I would use my blog (since I finally know how to use it now) and showcase what I do do.
I feel guilty posting on other sites because I just don't have the time to thank or return the comment.
I have been making embellishments for my ETSY store and keeping The Shabby Horse Cafe online scrapping supplies.
So now that I have are some items I have made:
So not to much to show.....guess I'm just trying to hang in there....If you are here thank you!

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