Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!
Here is a layout I did of my dgd. I LOVE this pic!!! She is getting ready to taste Brutis's ear. Let me tell you the story about this guy!!! He was hit by a car and was injured to where the vet suggested to put him down. My DIL couldn't stand the idea so she had the vet work on him and he made it. He was handicapped after, his hips were shattered. He had a long recovery but he made it. And then came Alli!!!! Brutis absolutely loved my DIL...wherever she was he was there and when Alli was born he was like a big brother to her. He knew this was a little Jodi (DIL). When he saw Alli coming he wouldn't get up and move, he would stay there and welcome her with kisses no matter what she did to him. Even if she climbed over his hips. He would wince but not move a muscle!! Anyway there is so many bad stories out there about Pitbulls that I thought I would share one of the nice ones!!


  1. So precious, Lisa!! Hard to believe Ali's so big already!!

  2. It's a beautiful layout and story. Pits do get a really bad rap but they are wonderful companion dogs. It's all how their people treat them, people are the real problem.

  3. this is just gorgeous, love the yummy layers!

  4. hi lisa
    love the storie behind the layout so beautiful and your page is amazing awesome beautiful . hugs magi aka ozmagi