Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PaperHaus Inagrual Design Team

I am so excited to be part of this team I am beside myself!! I have been smiling ever since I received the email saying I had made the team. I am honored to be part of this fabulous magazine and absolutely thrilled to be working with all this talent! Thank you!!!! Please be sure to visit the teams blogs!

Introducing the PaperHaus Design Team!

Good morning to all of our fabulous readers, fans and followers!  It has been an exciting couple of weeks, wouldn't you say?  As many of you know, we have just held our first design team call and let me tell you, it was hard picking the team.  The response was amazing and we would like to each and every one of you who applied.  So without further ado, here is the inaugural PaperHaus Design Team for 2012-2013.

Starting tomorrow, we will get to know each one of our new members a little bit more as well as show samples of their awesome work.  Congratulations and we all look forward to seeing what fabulous ideas and inspiration they bring us.