Monday, April 15, 2013

The Paper Mixing Bowl Reveal!!!! April

Hello and welcome to The Paper Mixing Bowls April Reveal!!! This recipe was just so beautiful to work with. Here is the recipe:
SO here is the recipe I cooked up.
A photo of my beautiful grand daughter. We were out in our backyard and ya know those fairy fuzzy flowers that when you blow on them they fly all over.....well she picked a flower that kinda looked like it and I told her to blow on it and it just wouldn't do anything and then she figured it out and that is why she has that look on her face!!!
Some hand made flowers because most of the time I can't find flowers that match!!!! I have a couple of tubs and still can't find matches!!
The butterfly spray, a close up of the molding paste I used also.
This recipe was a lot of fun to cook. I hope you join us.... Thanks bunches for visiting!!!! Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Beautiful page! Love your flowers.

  2. Beautiful page! I absolutely LOVE your flowers, would LOVE to see a tutorial on how you made them!

  3. I agree!! I thought your flowers were Prima. They're just gorgeous!!! You really should do a tutorial for them!

  4. Lisa this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Wow!! Just amazing!! LOVE all the details!!

  5. GORGEOUS!!! This is AMAZING!! Love all the details!! AWESOME flowers too!!