Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some new items in my shop!

Hello!! WOW it is October all ready. The years just seem to fly by faster the older I get!! I have added some new item to my store. I have had a few inquiries about my burlap flowers and was asked to make some different colors. SO I did!! I didn't have time to make like 10 each but I have some in the makings. I'll share some pics and see what ya all think of them.
Mostly I talk to myself on here. Hehehehehe!!! Like when I first started my blog. Ok some pics....

So there you have it. I must give y daughter in law some credit also...she helps me 1 night a week get caught up on my store. In exchange I am going to get a etsy store going for her....she's going to make hair accessories and also some nail art. Should be exciting!!! I have been eying the naik art things...would look cute on projects!!
Have yourselves a great week.....

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