Thursday, January 27, 2011

Went tag crazy!!

 Hello internet was down for 5 weeks!!! Talk about having withdrawls and coming to realize that maybe I am a little onsessed with the computer. I love my cyber frieinds though!!  This tag is for a swap I am in. We were to make 4 and send them in and get 4 back. The feather on here is an actual ostrich feather that I gathered myself. My friend raises them out on acreage.

 Another tag for the swap. I inked it first and then stamped the leaf image.
 An image I pulled off the internet. I wonder what she was thinking even if she was painted. I added a stick pin and we were to send in some lace also.
 This was out of the box for me with a cutesy image. I am not a cutesy type person probably because I am not good at it!! I just like the inking, tearing and distressing things. Must be the way I get my frustration out!!!
You ever have one of those projects you wanna keep for yourself?? This was it for me but what am I gonna do with it? I gave this to the gal that trained my daughte'sr young horse. She did such an awesome job with him. He went to her and a kindergardner (sp) and came back an 8th grader. My daughter can just get on him and go and he is safe. Well that is all I have done really...need to get back on the scrap wagon!!! Thank you for visiting !!


  1. OH LISA!! They are simply gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. Lisa, all your tags are fabulous!!!! awesome creativity with each one!! Great job my friend!!

  3. These tags are beautiful. Sorry your computer was down so long.....

  4. Check me out, I'm blog hopping. Thought I'd look at these again. They are so dang gorgeous.