Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Tribute to Featherrs!!

Well hello...I finally made a paper bag album for my self. I wanted to have a memory book of a horse I owned for 25 years. She was a great horse and I was lucky to have her in my life.  I found her when she was a yearling and that was that.

The paint horse was her mother and the horse on the tag was Man O' War. A famous race horse of the 1930's. He was her great, great, great, great, great grandsire. Yep pretty far back but oh well. I did trace her all the way back to the Goldphin Arabian.

A picture of my son riding her. She wasn't quite a kid horse but she was very careful around them.

A couple of pics of her. She did love a bath!!

The tags here I used as a memory. Each tag has a different memory of her. I am making my family write
Something they remember about her. This pic she
was just hanging out in the backyard.                                       

The pic above is a trail ride our family went on. We use to do a lot of those and Featherrs would carry my daughter. That is hubby and he is on Heart who we still have. Heart is 26 this year,

Just a pic of her in the snow I do not have a whole lot of pictures of her.
 She was kicking back taking a snooze and the other pics is of her and her son. They were at the neighbors begging for carrots!!! Well that is my little book. I loved that horse!!!!!!



  1. Such a beautiful horse. I like how you did the memory tags. Wonderful mini.....~Cherrie~

  2. Such a wonderful tribute to a beautiful horse!!

  3. What a neat tribute! Featherrs must have been quite a horse!