Monday, February 7, 2011

First Snow 2006

Hi all!!! This is a layout I did of my dd and our pups. Well they were pups. This was their first trip to the snow and they really enjoyed it. I would of thought different seeing how the are cattle dogs. They are 4 years old now and the herding instinct is really in them. They think they need to herd everything!!! The little blonde one "Liberti" would of made an awesome cattle dog. She gets low to the ground and is fearless and her brother "Flag" is a little lazier but he has it also and is not afraid to nip at heels!!! He is very protected of me and does not like anyone to touch me. They have turned out to be great dogs and we love them very much. Thank you for visiting. Take care till next time!!!


  1. Love this!! So many wonderful elements to look at!!

  2. Lisa this is gorgeous and I love reading about your dogs!!

  3. Beautiful layout! I'm following now. Would love for you to follow me too!