Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Melody!!!

Lookie what Melody's Magical Moments gave me!!! This was awesome. Please visit her blog here.

  Now she said in order to accept I needed to list 8 things about myself.... boy this might take a minute!!

1.  I love being a Mom and now Grandma. 
2. Love, love, love horses.
3. I love to scrap.
4. Love nature and like to be out in it.
5. Love to go to horse expo's and scrapbook expo's.
6. Funny but I love my diesel pick up.  
7. Would rather clean my barn than do house work.
8. Love to spend time with family and friends, especially BBQ's.
Well that about sums me up!!! Not to exciting here, huh???? I'll be back to list some blogs to give this award to also.

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